Production of sawn timber of an export quality of northern softwood wood.


Luza LPK. Luza timber processing plant.



Our company's specialization is production of export quality sawn timber of northern wood like fur-tree, pine-tree. Luza-LPK is procuring and recycling wood, producing lumber. It's always improving, but also it's trying to save the best industry's traditions. Luza-LPK is having a great experience to offer our partners a sawn timber of an export quality, produced with modern technologies of sawing and drying, on equipment of the best European companies. Equipment of Luza-LPK includes the line of sawing, sorting and control "WDT" and drying complexes" Incomac".




  • Загрузка будущих пиломатериалов в транспортер
  • Линия по производству пиломатериалов WDT
  • Оператор линии по производству пиломатериалов




Austrian technologies of producing sawn timber and high-quality northern wood of fur-tree and pine-tree are always available for your business.



  • Production of Luza-LPK's sawn timber situated in Kirov region in 450 km from Kirov, in the area of taiga forests in Luza district.
  • Our production - export quality sawn timber of northern wood like fur-tree, pine-tree - are well-known for a long time in Europe, South-East Asia and Middle East.
  • Production is going on modern European equipment.
  • Our company has been successfully сertificated by Holz Forshung European standart (EN) and сertificated by FSC.



sertificate Holz Forschung (Austria) ENG          sertificate Holz Forschung (Austria) DE          sertificate FSC



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Northern pine. Northern spruce.



Lumber from northern wood is rightfully considered to be one of the best on the market. What's the secret of our production's reliability and quality? Of course in our sawn timber's basis - coniferous wood, which is being harvest in the north of the Kirov region, in the Luza district. It's a fact, that the quality of wood depends on the size of the annual growth. And the rate of growth, as we know, depends on climatic conditions and humidity. That's why the northern forest, to which the trees grows in the Kirov, Arkhangelsk, and in the northern areas of the Vologda regions, has the densest wood and an interesting, characteristic pattern.



The wood of the northern spruce is light, soft, with a considerable number of small knots, the hardness of which is higher than that of the surrounding wood. Spruce is less resinous and bends better than pine, which makes it a suitable material for making glued structural beams. The wood color of northern spruce is lighter, and the structure is more homogeneous than that of pine.




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Luza-LPK. Производство пиломатериалов из древесины северной ели и сосны.

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